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Details and Directions lets you find out how to travel to various Items of Interest to learn more.

The SpotOnResponse "Test Drive" lets you see and use the incidents, observations, model results, and GIS data that resulted from a major exercise involving multiple jurisdiction EOCs, private sector organizations, and dozens of field responders.  You get full access to explore this event through SpotOnResponse.  And a chance to use SpotOnResponse live on your mobile device or computer.

We thank the California Earthquake Clearinghouse for allowing us to use their "Test Drive" exercise archive.
To get your login information for the "Test Drive," tell us a bit about how you plan to use SpotOnResponse in your community or company and let us verify your email for security:

Success! You will have access shortly.

The "Test Drive" situational awareness shows physical damage, response, models, field observations in a simulated earthquake.

See the impact of model forecasts on responder and volunteer field reports located by GPS and shared in real time.

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