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Get Your Own Personal Access to SpotOnResponse - FREE

On this website, SpotOnResponse is offered free to benefit the community.  


To begin, use the TRY IT NOW tab to register for a "Test Drive."  Once you have practiced with SpotOnResponse, we will provide you with your free access and you can come right back here to use SpotOnResponse.


But there are a few conditions on free use.


If you want us to host a private version of your data, please contact us because the data that you enter is open for viewing by anyone with access to SpotOnResponse. You have no expectations of privacy for data that you enter.  


We reserve the right to remove any data that we determine is inappropriate for the site. 


You are responsible for using SpotOnResponse according to the tutorials and user's guide.  Any misuse, intentional or unintentional, will result in the suspension or termination of your access to SpotOnResponse.  

We hope you enjoy SpotOnResponse and benefit from using it to improve field reporting, personnel accountability, situational awareness, and school security.

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