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Situational Awareness
Video Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness In the Palm Of Your Hand

A short introduction on what SpotOnResponse can do to keep you informed in the EOC and in the field. See full situational awareness - including buildings with complete blueprints when needed, locations of your field team members, the statuses of persons and property, and instant communication between you and your team.

Video Field Observation

Field Observations are the Key to Decisions

SpotReport brings you everything that's happening in the field. With a couple fo touches on a phone or tablet, any of your authorized team members can instantly send out a report of an emergency, incident or observation complete with text descriptions, photos and videos.  These appear back at the Ops Center and on the devices of every other SpotOnResponse in the area.

Video See locations and status

Personnel Accountability, Asset Status and Locations 

Know who is safe and can report to work.  Every 30 seconds you can see the location of personnel and vehicles or other assets.  Color coded by organization, know what staff and volunteers are doing.  Information sharing is secure giving you confidence in the capacity of your response team in emergencies, planned events, and exercises.

Video Real-time status

Real-time Status of Business and Infrastructure

This video shows you how SpotOnResponse aids in whole community preparedness by allowing key infrastructures such as schools, utilities, clinics, and businesses to update their operating status in real-time and let you better manage available resources in the community.

Video SpotOnResponse Interoperability

SpotOnResponse Interoperability

By sharing information with XchangeCore, SpotOnResponse provides its rich field observations and status information to Common Operating Picture based on Google Earth®, ArcGIS Online®, GeoCollaborate®, and LiveEarth®. In addition, SpotOnResponse consumes information from incident management software like WebEOC®, ETeam®, and others to give you situational awareness in the palm of your hand. 

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