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To stay open for business, your staff must be available …

  • Notify staff or volunteers on their mobile devices or computers that something important is happening

  • Staff easily report on on their status and ability to go to work while you see their location and status on a mobile map

  • Emergency procedures are on mobile devices showing exactly what each staff or volunteer should do

To respond best, your trusted team must report their situation from the field …

  • Give situational awareness and instructions to your whole team - employees, security, IT contractors, suppliers, transporters, etc.

  • Get field reports from trusted sources on the impact of incidents on status and location of people, facilities, vehicles

  • Virtual exercises and drills let you plan, communicate, and practice within your company and with partners throughout the year 

To get your business restoration needs prioritized, government must know your operating status …

  • See all your facilities’ status which changes on lists and maps when your managers report what is happening right now

  • If you wish, share status through SABER, the Single Automated Business Exchange for Reporting, to governments from FEMA to locals

  • Your company is more than a single location, so use SpotOnResponse to get status from your whole supply and delivery chain

You do all this and more with SpotOnResponse …

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