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When disaster strikes, stay open longer and reopen faster with this FREE app to share business status and needs

3 EASY STEPS to get your FREE
SpotOnResponse for SABER Mobile App
  1. Register here to join SABER and create your mobile app username and password.
2. Download the app to your phone or tablet.
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On the Apple App Store or Google Play you can also search for SpotOnResponse.

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3.  Enter the User Name
     and Password you
     just registered.
And you're ready to go!

Now that you’ve registered, click here to access 
the SpotOnResponse for SABER Mobile App User Guide, training videos, spreadsheet to use if you have many business locations, and more. Full speed ahead!! 

The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation is your voice in a crisis. Floods, wildfires, and storms may threaten your business. To stay open longer and reopen faster, you're likely to need help from multiple government agencies. Local, state and federal agencies rely on USCCF to get updates on the availability of essential goods and services in disaster-impacted areas. Which locations are open, which are closed? Where are they? And what do they need? 

The USCCF Corporate Citizenship Center's Single Automated Business Exchange for Reporting Institute (SABER) partners with SpotOnResponse LLC for your FREE SpotOnResponse for SABER Mobile App. Now, you can help USCCF answer essential supply questions and get the help you need.

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Register now to get SpotOnResponse for SABER and join businesses across America in slashing the time it takes to share each closure and needs update from minutes or hours to seconds. You also get access to shared data from other businesses so you can see if a crisis impacted your neighbors, or your supply chain, or if there are opportunities to help your community. Be part of your community's recovery and get back in business faster!

USCCF's uses SpotOnResponse for SABER to produce status reports to companies and governments with only the data you want to share**
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SpotOnResponse for SABER makes it easy for individual business owner/operators to update everyday operational status and for larger chain store managers to keep everyone informed. SpotOnResponse for SABER adds your business location to the nationwide SABER Map as part of USCCF business community. During a crisis, government agencies can access all of that data 24x7 to help them prioritize and expedite response/recovery operations. Plus, you get disaster situational awareness at your fingertips to help you better prepare.

With SpotOnResponse for SABER, you can quickly and easily:

  • Add your own business locations, which then appear on SABER Map, giving you national attention as part of the USCCF community 

  • Easily report closure status and business needs from each location to your company's operations center as well as to SABER

  • Monitor developing hazards on SABER Map -- including NWS weather
    warnings, fire detection, earthquake warnings -- plus transportation incidents that could affect your supply chain

  • Watch on SABER Map to see what other businesses in your area are doing during an emergency, which ones are closing and what they need, so you can potentially support each other and help the community

  • Receive notice from USCCF and SABER Institute when government agencies need your business status reports to make their decisions

  • SABER has multiple technologies to simplify status and needs reporting from large numbers of business locations to your headquarters or regional offices during a crisis, so they can share with government agencies as needed. 


SABER Mobile puts you on the map and makes you part of the solution.

** Concerned about your information confidentiality and security?  No need to worry!

SABER enrollment means your organization is expected to voluntarily provide outage, closure, and restoration information in an agreed upon format at intervals determined by the provider for the specific purpose of (a) determining the impact of disasters on the business community and (b) enabling effective and well-coordinated management of the disaster. 


All members are expected to process, handle, and disclose other members’ data using like or identical procedures as the member uses to process, handle, and disclose similar data owned or generated by the member. Public sector partners are expected to consume information to determine the impact of disasters on the business community and to perform disaster management activities.  Any consumer of business status may disclose information obtained through SABER to third parties including private sector members and the public.


Providers of information through SABER should have no expectation of privacy and are responsible for voluntarily submitting only information they wish to disclose.


Registration entitles SABER to announce to the public that organization as a SABER member. The data providing member is expected to review the list of SABER members (provided on the website) and the data provider has sole responsibility for awareness of these SABER members.  ​


Terms of Service


All SpotOnResponse for SABER Mobile App and SABER status and company data is encrypted on the Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud with AES-256 bit encryption. Other Industry-standard security provisions are inherited from the Google Cloud and AWS. Data in transit encryption is provided by the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) which is the secure protocol over which data is sent between the browser using SpotOnResponse and the SpotOnResponse Goggle Cloud server containing the data. No data is transferred using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure FTP (SFTP). Within the Google Cloud server, SpotOnResponse maintains a private database within which each individual SpotOnResponse client project is hosted.  Access to the data is provided only through SpotOnResponse and administrative tools available only to SpotOnResponse administrators.  User access is protected by username and password which is controlled by client administrators. The password is encrypted within the database using AES-256.


SABER provides no assurances that status data will be (a) obtained from members who voluntarily provide their status on their own schedule or (b) provided to members who use their own software to view the data or (c) available for visualization on SABER software as part of SABER’s no-cost acquisition, processing, and distribution of status data.  Any member or other organization that desires specific terms of services is invited to request a quotation from SABER.

The SABER Privacy Policy is available here.  For more information on SABER policies/procedures, contact

On confidentiality, let us be very clear. We do not ask for, and please do not submit, any confidential information. All information is voluntary. The information necessary to participate in SABER is only what is publicly available, commonly what you already publish on your website. If you do not want to provide any information in any field on the SpotOnResponse for SABER forms or any column in a spreadsheet, leave it out and you will still be able to participate in SABER.


On security, SpotOnResponse data is hosted on the Google Cloud. SABER data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Both are managed by SpotOnResponse LLC. Industry standard data-at-rest encryption and data-in-transit encryption, and other security provisions, are inherited from the Google Cloud and AWS.  


Further details on the use of your data are provided in the Terms for Information Sharing Through SABER Mobile.

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