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The first video quickly shows how easy it is to add your business - one or many.  


The second video shows when something happens how to quickly share only what you want with governments. Plus, learn about the great hazard and situational awareness information in Status Map.


The third video shows how you can easily add Spot Reports to help others know what's happening in your neighborhood.


Give SABER Mobile to all your store managers - even employees - and you discover it only takes seconds to learn about each business status and know specific needs so you stay open longer and get back in business faster.

Watch the three short videos by clicking on them to learn how easy SABER Mobile is to help your business.

SpotOnResponse Guide for SABER Mobile  v
SpotOnResponse Guide for SABER Mobile  v

Check out the SABER Mobile Users Guide for
step-by-step instructions

In just seven steps the SABER Mobile Users Guide leads you through entering your information and using key app features to collect and transmit your local operational status/needs to headquarters -- and automatically upload to SABER, where multiple government agencies can access updates 24x7 during a crisis and get you the help you need.

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If you have many locations, use SABER's optional spreadsheet upload to report business status/needs during a crisis

Are you part of a large organization with many business locations?  If so, during a disaster, you might want to have your corporate operations center report on the status and needs of all locations. Empower your centralized team by making them the single source to vet and share status updates with all of the various local, state and federal government agencies via SABER.


When an unexpected event or disaster impacts many locations, use the optional SABER Business Status and Needs Spreadsheet Template to

describe your business, its status in an emergency, and any needs you wish to share with governments. You only use it during or immediately after an event.


The spreadsheet helps you collect and submit three types of data:

  • Required - basic information about the business type and location.

  • Status - all locations are assumed open until, in an emergency, you update the status to closed or limited and then submit the spreadsheet.

  • Needs - optional information allows you to further describe problems that create your closed or limited status which gives response organizations details to aid their recovery planning

Spreadsheet instructions guide you to create your list of business locations. Then submit those locations to us at to validate the format and return secure access credentials to you. Then, you'll be ready for the next event that impacts multiple business locations.

Submit the spreadsheet as often as you wish​ when any event occurs – large or small. When an event affects your business operations, you simply change the status and cause of the business disruption on the spreadsheet. You save the spreadsheet and go to the website where you enter your access credentials to upload the current  spreadsheet.

Watch the Target operations center use SABER's optional spreadsheet upload method to share operational status changes at multiple store locations in an emergency.

To be clear, we do not ask for, and please do not submit, any confidential information. If you do not want to provide any information in any column, leave it out, as explained in the Terms for Information Sharing Through SABER Mobile. 


It is that easy! To get started, if you think you might need it, download the SABER Business Status and Needs Spreadsheet Template,

NACS Emergency Preparedness Job Aids and Training Videos are now available to you 

The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) has offered to share their Emergency Preparedness Job Aids and Training Videos with the business community. Although these tasks and checklists are designed for convenience store and fuel retailer employees, many of them can be used on the SABER Mobile App by anyone engaged in a retail business to improve performance during disaster planning and recovery. The Job Aids and Training Videos can be used for on-boarding, refresher training, or immediate training when emergency conditions approach. 


For information on how to add the Emergency Preparedness Job Aids to your version of SABER Mobile, contact Carolyn Schnare, Director, Strategic Initiatives, NACS,