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Ernie Dipko

Ernie has that rare combination of both hardware and software technology experience that ranges from large computer systems to mobile devices. His Windows and Linux experience developing multiple web interfaces using MySQL, Apache, PHP, Java, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, and CSS3 for deployment on Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Google Applications, Google Cloud brings to SpotOnResponse deep experience in assured delivery of Software as a Service. 


His role in companywide data center migrations to virtual environments with major Solaris computing platforms and Oracle databases brings to SpotOnResponse the requisite "back end" rigor to provide quality assurance to this mission critical app.  His java code experience in image management within the Oracle environment assures that SpotOnResponse can manage the "big data" load. Finally, his background began with a deep understanding and experience in network architectures, especially security, authentication, LDAP directory server, and identity synchronization that is critical to SpotOnResponse security. 

For SpotOnResponse, Ernie leads the technical development of the app and its integration with XchangeCore Web Service Data Orchestration.  The connection with XchangeCore allows SpotOnResponse to provide inexpensive and assured data exchange with incident management and geospatial information applications making it a leader in information interoperability.  Among the projects led by Ernie is California Earthquake Clearinghouse Technology Interoperability that has used XchangeCore to exchange SpotOnResponse and other critical information among the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CalOES), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California National Guard, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and local jurisdictions.

​Ernie's work with the Department of Homeland Security XchangeCore (formerly UICDS) team has led to the interface of SpotOnResponse with XchangeCore serviced data from various sources and sensors including earthquakes, lightning strikes, dispatch systems, business disruption, and other incident data.  In this process, he directs software development resources to assure the segregation of commercial software that currently exists in the SpotOnResponse app, and for which SpotOnResponse asserts Restricted Rights, and software developed for the

Government with Unlimited Rights.

For CalOES, Ernie developed a connector to ArcGIS Online, collaborating with ESRI developers, through which SpotOnResponse is able to communicate various forms of geospatial data to ArcGIS analysts and operators.  This connection of SpotOnResponse to ArcGIS Online through XchangeCore allows SpotOnResponse to be effectively used as a field reporting tool that obtains infrastructure data from ArcGIS Online, provides field observations of the conditions of that infrastructure, and then returns those observations back to ArcGIS Online as

additional geospatial features.

​Ernie leads SpotOnResonse development with special applications for school security, healthcare clinics, business disruptions, community awareness, and emergency response.  His long experience in all aspects of information technology - from servers to networks to applications to mobile apps - means that SpotOnResponse delivers technical excellence.

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