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Informing the Unexpected



CRNet delivers the Community Common Operating Picture which aggregates situational awareness from authoritative sources to depict the EVOLVING STATUS of an event and applies Artificial Intelligence models on that data to FORECAST the future state of any event.


The result is a common view of the community operational environment plus the unique view of operational necessities for individual corporate stakeholders, including the impact or benefit to the company from the environment, government actions, resource availability, and company facility capabilities.


This is accomplished through data aggregation, processing, modeling, and dissemination throughout an incident’s life cycle. Data is integrated from multiple sources including communication, information management, intelligence and information sharing systems using one spatial data platform.


The CCOP is designed to be used by multiple agencies and organizations and can be customized to meet specific needs of each. All relevant organizations and locations have the same information, thus facilitating collaborative planning and execution of decisions.


The CCOP benefits individual decision makers and teams of users by forecasting situational priorities. The CCOP helps organizations make better decisions faster, increases collaboration, improves safety during incident response, enhances collective efforts of users, and combines multiple visualizations that provide clear and consistent situational awareness.

CRNet Architecture

CRNet Architecture.jpg
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