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Clinic profile and status coordinate healthcare capacity

  • Know which employees can report to work in a real-time, closed and trusted emergency ecosystem

  • Understand open/closed status to calculate clinic capacity, capabilities, services offered, response availability

  • Real-time tracking of status and capacity allows EMS and other agencies to better manage their resources

Situational awareness from across the community

  • Stay informed with what's happening across the broader community

  • Never be caught off guard when a surge is about to happen or when other clinics' status changes

  • Maintain full preparedness in the event of an emergency situation in your region

Interactive exercises and response when you need it

  • Make your emergency plans fully mobile, and have them with you in a real emergency

  • Access your plans offline and in the process make your team more resilient in emergencies

  • Share plans with other organizations to coordinate with police, fire, emergency services and hospitals in the area

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