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Situational Awareness In the

Palm Of Your Hand

Situational Awareness
Video Situational Awareness
Video Field Observation

A short introduction on what SpotOnResponse can do to keep you informed in the EOC and in the field. See full situational awareness - including buildings with complete blueprints when needed, locations of your field team members, the statuses of persons and property, and instant communication between you and your team.

Trusted Eyes and Ears in the Field

Learn how people report on planned and everyday events and emergencies easily and quickly with the SpotOnResponse mobile app.

People & Asset  Locations and Status

Real-time Infrastructure Status

Interoperability with Other Applications

Know where your people and vehicles are in real-time, know their availability status, and get a complete picture of resources all in one place in your operations center.

Whole community response is drastically improved when you know the status of infrastructure - what's open, closed, available, or in need of help.

This video shows how SpotOnResponse leads the way in interoperability among disparate applications through XchangeCore.

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