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SpotOnResponse Delivers Trusted Crowd-Sourcing, Secure Communications, and Location-based Situational Awareness

We develop software-as-a-service (SaaS) for situational awareness that helps organizations and communities stay safe during disasters. Trusted-crowd sourcing and location-based analytics make it easy to see information in context. Select only the details you want to share and feel confident communicating over our secure channels for fast, effective disaster response.

Organizations across America – private and public, big and small – rely on SpotOnResponse SaaS to manage crises and daily events. Our tools power free offerings including NACS Emergency Mobile App (National Association of Convenience Stores) and SpotOnResponse for SABER (US Chamber of Commerce Foundation) as well as SpotOnResponse Pro, an enhanced version available for a low-cost subscription. 

Industry and government leaders use our mobile apps because they know that SpotOnResponse technology provides:


“Whole Community” visibility in the palm of your hand

  • See what’s happening from the frontline to your ops center.

  • Locate current incidents on dynamic, mobile maps.

  • Know your staff’s locations, and who is available to respond – including field personnel back in the ops center.


Fast, secure, multi-channel communications   

  • Receive real-time observations from trusted people.

  • Notify your team about events and provide action instructions.  

  • Stay informed as the situation changes with shared, up-to-date emergency plans and procedures.

Here's What We Can Do For You


>   Employee and volunteer status

>   People and asset locations

>   Availability to report to work

>   Training and virtual drills


>   Real-time field observations

>   Exercise simulations

>   Locate available volunteers

>   Mobilize WebEOC® data

These Videos Show How We Do It

Know What's Happening Everywhere

A short introduction to SpotOnResponse apps and the many ways they can help streamline your emergency management  situational awareness.

Eyes & Ears
in the Field

Learn how people report on planned and everyday events and emergencies easily and quickly with SpotOnResponse
mobile apps.

People & Asset  Locations and Status

Know where your people and vehicles are in real-time, know their availability status, and get a complete picture of resources all in one place in your operations center.

Real-time Infrastructure Status

Whole community response is drastically improved when you know the status of infrastructure - what's open, closed, available, or in need of help.

with Other Applications

This video shows how SpotOnResponse leads the way in interoperability among disparate applications through XchangeCore.

Why Is SpotOnResponse The Best?

In a world where anything can happen, trust the best to keep you informed, and keep you safe. SpotOnResponse provides superior solutions because our team is led by proven industry experts.


James W. Morentz, Ph.D., has spent more than 35 years applying the latest technologies to improve emergency management for federal, state, and local governments, the military, international agencies, and private sector organizations. Jim founded SpotOnResponse to take advantage of the current generation of advanced and affordable mobile technologies.


Craig Fugate, former head of FEMA in the Obama Administration, is a partner in SpotOnResponse. Craig was Florida Emergency Management Director under Gov. Jeb Bush, where he launched the "Whole Community" approach to emergency management. With his operational and policy expertise, SpotOnResponse developed the ultimate emergency management tool for government, corporate, infrastructure, and volunteer organizations.

For more information about Jim, Craig, and the rest of our team, see ABOUT.





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