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What is SpotOnResponse?

SpotOnResponse is a trusted crowd-sourcing and location-based situational awareness app built to keep communities

and organizations safe through easily accessible

information and clear, secure channels of

communication for those who need it.

  • Notify your whole team to events and provide action instructions

  • Know status and locations of your field personnel back in the ops center

  • See whole community situational awareness in the palm of your hand

  • Stay informed with shared, up-to-date emergency plans and procedures

  • Reduce risk with silent multi-way communication


Why is SpotOnResponse the best?

In a world where anything can happen, trust the best

to keep you informed, and keep you safe

SpotOnResponse was developed by veterans of the industry.


James W. Morentz, Ph.D., has spent more than 35 years applying the latest technologies to improving emergency management for federal, state, and local governments, the military, international agencies, and the private sector. Jim founded SpotOnResponse to take advantage of the current advanced and affordable generation of mobile technologies.  With this latest set of innovative applications - on the web for an EOC and mobile devices for the "Whole Community" - the breadth of information acquisition, analysis, and exchange is making people, the economy, and the environment safer and more secure.

Craig Fugate, former head of FEMA in the Obama Administration, is a partner in SpotOnResponse. Craig was Florida Emergency Management Director under Governor Jeb Bush where he launched the widely known "Whole Community" approach to emergency management. With his invaluable operational and policy expertise, SpotOnResponse has become the ultimate emergency management tool for government, corporate, critical infrastructure, and volunteer organizations across the “Whole Community.”

These videos show what SpotOnResponse does for you

Know What's Happening Everywhere

Trusted Eyes and Ears in the Field

People & Asset  Locations and Status

Real-time Infrastructure Status

Interoperability with Other Applications

A short introduction to SpotOnResponse and the many ways it can help streamline your emergency management  situational awareness.

Learn how people report on planned and everyday events and emergencies easily and quickly with the SpotOnResponse mobile app.

Know where your people and vehicles are in real-time, know their availability status, and get a complete picture of resources all in one place in your operations center.

Whole community response is drastically improved when you know the status of infrastructure - what's open, closed, available, or in need of help.

This video shows how SpotOnResponse leads the way in interoperability among disparate applications through XchangeCore.

Who Benefits?

  • Employee and volunteer status

  • People and asset locations

  • Availability to report to work

  • Training and virtual drills

  • Real-time field observations

  • Exercise simulations

  • Locate available volunteers

  • Make WebEOC® data mobile

  • Situational awareness

  • Real-time status

  • Branding and capabilities

  • Integrated healthcare system

  • Everyday school safety

  • Parent and teacher involvement

  • Campus and building security

  • Coordination with public safety





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